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Why Public School Teachers are Occupying Wall Street

5 Reasons Why Public School Teachers are Occupying Wall Street The classroom and the boardroom are often seen as dissimilar spaces. In classrooms, there are students and teachers; two groups of people that have the most insight on the current debate about what to do with the broken education system, but whom have rarely been […]

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Two-thirds of teachers want to quit. What is the Purpose of Education

NEARLY two-thirds of Australian teachers are considering quitting their jobs for a new career. So are teachers all over the world See: A love of teaching, but fear for the future: Fight over collective bargaining leaves one teacher uncertain about career choice The Centre for Marketing Schools was commissioned to survey staff satisfaction levels […]

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I’m Sorry I’m A Teacher

This powerful letter was written by an American Teacher, Alan Haskvitz, a member of the National Teachers Hall of Fame and has been recognized many times as one of the nation’s most successful and innovative teachers. Accounts of his students’ accomplishments have been featured in books, periodicals, and on national radio and television. He is […]

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Student test data in assessing teacher quality.

A study released last month by the Gates Foundation supposedly offered up “some of the strongest evidence to date of the validity of ‘value-added’ analysis.” VAA makes the claim that teachers’ effectiveness can be reliably estimated by gauging their students’ progress on standardized tests.  But Jesse Rothstein, an economist at UC Berkeley, argues that the analyses in the […]

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Testing turning kids off of learning

Comments from Blog ‘for the love of learning’ “It’s impossible to discuss education without being hit upside the head umpteen times by the word accountability. At the root of this word is a demonizing fear that there is this horde of pension-sucking, union-loving teachers who are laughing their lazy asses to the bank. This […]

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