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The Privatisation of Education

As Diane Ravitch tweeted this morning- a sad day for educational reformers. Article from the UK Guardian discusses the abrupt departure of the New York schools chancellor is only a temporary setback for the corporate ‘reform’ of public schools. Former Hearst executive Cathleen Black who has just resigned from her post as <a href="“>New York […]

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Two-thirds of teachers want to quit. What is the Purpose of Education

NEARLY two-thirds of Australian teachers are considering quitting their jobs for a new career. So are teachers all over the world See: A love of teaching, but fear for the future: Fight over collective bargaining leaves one teacher uncertain about career choice The Centre for Marketing Schools was commissioned to survey staff satisfaction levels […]

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Kids Thinking Outside the Box

How kids thinking outside the box can change an entire village, and their lives.
NOTE: If you can’t see the video, click on the header for this post

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I’m Sorry I’m A Teacher

This powerful letter was written by an American Teacher, Alan Haskvitz, a member of the National Teachers Hall of Fame and has been recognized many times as one of the nation’s most successful and innovative teachers. Accounts of his students’ accomplishments have been featured in books, periodicals, and on national radio and television. He is […]

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